An artist is deep in thoughts about his/her next masterpiece. Rarely do they have the ability to write or to express their thoughts, because they are exceptionally good in expressing the same message through visual medium. Which majority of the masses can learn. Artists are rare breeds of special humans who are emotional, empathic and rational in their views about various social issues and on multitude subjects. Each may have a subjective view about the world. But, one thing brings them under one universal umbrella is art. This magic word is so powerful to artists, they are always willing to sacrifice any thing for art, for the beauty of art and its pleasure of being a part of it.

From its inception till it is exhibited, an artists journey continues. He lives in every canvas and in his collectors, fans, hearts. He is the source of an universal power to bring unity and humanity to an axis called life. He lives a life with love toward art and with hatred towards many social issues, but still he loves art.

This site is about my journey into this amazing field of art from childhood till date. The ups and downs of life. The brutal lessons I have learned in the hard way and many interesting episodes that shaped me and my art. Every canvas I paint is me inside and and mom outside. In other words all my paintings is mom expressed in various multi-dimensions, pregnant with me.

My mom kamala is an artist par excellent in every medium. She made me an artist. So in simple terms my paintings are an artist pregnant with an artist within. Her most marvelous creations is me, which she took 10 divine months to create with love and affection. And she curated my life, nurtured it, adored it, preserved it and loved me, more than any one else.

Hope you all enjoy your stay in my site and see the page turn by to know more about my work and life.

Sudarsan Yennamalli M